AWE EU 2019

AWE (Augmented World Expo) is the world's #1 AR+VR conference and expo with annual dates in the USA, Asia, Europe and Israel. It is the world’s leading spatial computing (AR/VR/MR) event series, what Forbes calls “the most essential AR+VR conference and expo,” in a unique market.

These events bring together a mix of CEOs, CTOs, designers, developers, creative agencies, futurists, analysts, investors, and top press in a fantastic opportunity to learn, inspire, partner, and experience firsthand the most exciting industry of our times. Leaders take the AWE EU stage and share real-life use cases aiming to solve major technical challenges, bringing AR/VR into new sectors while considering ethical and legal issues, promoting diversity, and working on the cutting edge of XR development.

AWE returned to Europe for the fourth time this year on the  17-18 October 2019 in Munich, Germany. We were obviously not going to miss it since it was just around the corner from our office. Here is our take on it:

There were a lot of new things to discover and a lot of new tech improvements to witness.

For starters, here is a list of all the exhibitors that were at the AWE. As you can see, it was packed but this is what our team tested:


The Vality Headset:

Vality headset features

vr-on GmbH's Head of Sales trying out Vality headset

A Compact VR Headset with Ultra-high Resolution!

Vality, a German startup, wants to break that barrier of VR headsets being too heavy. It is trying to drastically reduce the size and weight while delivering ultra-high resolution. There were also rumors about their team is working on a small portable sized PC which will allow you to power and take your VR headset anywhere. We are very excited to see how this will turn out to be in the future! It will definitely be a huge step in the world of VR headsets.




The Varjo High Resolution VR headset (with eye and hand tracking):


vr-on GmbH's Head of Sales trying out the Varjo high resolution VR headset


Varjo makes revolutionary VR/XR hardware and software, that together are jumpstarting a new era in immersive computing – where real and digital worlds merge seamlessly in human-eye resolution! The quality is amazing! It is a bit pricy but for all the features it offers, it is definitely worth it!

The hand tracking works perfectly and another quite practical aspect is that Varjo devices are compatible with a growing list of the most popular 3D software tools: Unity, Unreal, Techviz, etc.



vr-on GmbH's Head of Sales trying out the Cyberith VirtualizerrThe Cyberith walking simulation:


The Cyberith Virtualizer is a locomotion platform for virtual reality. Also known by the name “Omnidirectional Treadmill”, their VR simulator enables full movement in virtual environments. They presented the Virtualizer ELITE 2 - Second Generation VR Treadmill, which ee found to be quite a nice experience. It defiantly made it more evident to walk in the VR world without worrying too much in the back of your head about real life obstacles.  




As you can see, there was a lot of new technology at the AWE, which if anything, shows that Virtual reality, Augmentend reality and Mixed reality are here to stay for a very long time. Consequently, we are already looking forward to the AWE event next year.

For other updates on VR, XR and MR, keep reading our blog!