07 Aug 2019
Which VR System is best-suited for me?

Find the best price/quality fit for yourself!

31 Jul 2019
VR Applications for E-Government

vr-on presented at the Bavarian Anwenderforum 2019

24 Jul 2019
All You Need to Know about VR in the Automotive Sector

VR drives the Automotive Industry forward-Daimler AG’s EDM CAE Forum

17 Jul 2019
Immersive Training with VR

VR is the new recipe for cooking the perfect training experience!

10 Jul 2019
The 5 Most Interesting Technologies at XR Expo 2019

Vr-on showcased among some really exciting technologies!

03 Jul 2019
VR as a Crucial Component of PLM

Modern PLM requires more than just simple software!

18 Jun 2019
7 Ways VR is Changing How We Work

VR has tremendous potential to revolutionize the way we work!

22 May 2019
The new VIVE Focus – our impression

We were allowed to test the new VIVE Focus...

08 May 2019
No Digility today - cancelled or postponed?

Digility and VR/AR Global Summit Europe 2019 will not take place this year as planned...

04 Mar 2019
Plan production lines more efficiently with VR

How the end-of-line expert A+F uses Virtual Reality as a basis for decision-making

12 Feb 2019
What potential is in VR?

Capgemini, Gartner, GoldmanSachs, KPMG and McKinsey - what do the analysts say?

31 Jan 2019
STAGE available for Unity

For all Unity fans among you we have now developed a new plugin for Unity!