18 Mar 2020
VR is the Solution in a Corona-Threatened World!

Stay connected while social distancing!

11 Mar 2020
Unreal Winter Meetup

An exclusive summary of our latest Unreal event

19 Feb 2020
5 Reasons Why VR will Change the Future of Tourism

VR is rebranding traditional tourism!

12 Feb 2020
Game Engines are Game Changers for Medium-sized Enterprises!

Your tool to succeeding in today's Industry 4.0!

05 Feb 2020
Insights on XR Hardware from the Field's Experts: Schenker Technologies

Exclusive interview with Tom Neubert: Product Manager XR at Schenker Technologies.

29 Jan 2020
The Dynamic VR Ecosystem and its Growth

The impact of VR on world economics

22 Jan 2020
XR Bavaria Meetup: VR/AR Hardware Hands-on!

The first XR Bavaria Meetup of the year!

15 Jan 2020
A More Immersive Experience!

How real can virtual reality get?

08 Jan 2020
Digital Twins and Virtual Reality

The virtual and physical worlds are merging!

01 Jan 2020
Data Security and the Cloud

“Cloud is about how you do computing, not where you do computing.” ~ Paul Maritz, CEO of VMware

25 Dec 2019
New Decade: New vr-on!

2019 at a glance and new perspective for 2020!

18 Dec 2019
6 Reasons Why the Virtual Classroom will Revolutionize Education

VR Education 101