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08 Jan 2020
Digital Twins and Virtual Reality

The virtual and physical worlds are merging!

25 Dec 2019
New Decade: New vr-on!

2019 at a glance and new perspective for 2020!

18 Dec 2019
6 Reasons Why the Virtual Classroom will Revolutionize Education

VR Education 101

04 Dec 2019
DIVR Business Award 2019

Our account of one of the most prestigious VR events in Germany!

20 Nov 2019
VR as a Solution to Multi-user Collaboration

The changing industrial landscape entails new collaboration challenges.

06 Nov 2019
Digital Realities in the AEC Industry

Working in the AEC Industry now feels like a dream!

23 Oct 2019
Challenges while Designing VR Experiences and How to Overcome them.

Helping you identify and solve problems related to VR!

16 Oct 2019
7 Ways VR is Benefiting the Healthcare Sector (Part 2)

More on how VR is resolving medical issues with revolutionary applications!

09 Oct 2019
7 Ways VR is Benefiting the Healthcare Sector (Part 1)

VR is providing revolutionary solutions to medical issues!

25 Sep 2019
Unreal Autumn Meetup

We hosted a successful Unreal Meetup yet again!

11 Sep 2019
How is VR Transforming HR?

Explore the abundant virtues of VR in your HRM Strategies!

04 Sep 2019
Integrating VR in your Marketing Strategy

Benefits, use cases and tips for success!