From SketchUp to STAGE in five minutes

SketchUp is a visualization tool widely used by architects. It convinces with a user-friendly interface and is extremely intuitively to use. For Unreal Studio SketchUp was one of the first importers and is therefore very advanced.

STAGE is now compatible with Unreal 4.20 in its new version, importing SketchUp files is a snap and done in five minutes.

These are the individual steps:

1. make sure that the following requirements are met:

Having installed the  Export-Plugin for SketchUp Pro you find under export „ 3D-model  Dateityp *.udatasmith“

Attention, next to the exported *.udatasmith file a folder will be created with further assets.


2. After exporting, close SketchUp and open our STAGE client and the Unreal Engine.

Start a new project by selecting "STAGE Architecture"

3. In the Showroom Wizard, give the project a name to use for STAGE and click <OK>.


4. Select Architecture Surrounding and confirm again with <OK>.

5. Open the selection window via "Import Datasmith" in the middle of the upper bar and select your exported file.

6. Select under Options if you want to polish textures, for example.
In our example we only select "Geometry and Materials" and confirm the dialog and the import processing of the entire Sketchup scene.

7. Now the textures can be polished up or you can use Showroom to extend your presentation with interactions.


8. Upload the packaged project and start it via the STAGE Client.

Here we are - your collaboration starts now!

Do you have any questions about the process? We are happy to assist you!


Credits: Ieva M.