18 Jun 2019
7 Ways VR is Changing How We Work

VR has tremendous potential to revolutionize the way we work!

22 May 2019
The new VIVE Focus – our impression

We were allowed to test the new VIVE Focus...

08 May 2019
No Digility today - cancelled or postponed?

Digility and VR/AR Global Summit Europe 2019 will not take place this year as planned...

04 Mar 2019
Plan production lines more efficiently with VR

How the end-of-line expert A+F uses Virtual Reality as a basis for decision-making

12 Feb 2019
What potential is in VR?

Capgemini, Gartner, GoldmanSachs, KPMG and McKinsey - what do the analysts say?

31 Jan 2019
STAGE available for Unity

For all Unity fans among you we have now developed a new plugin for Unity!

15 Jan 2019

We finally moved to Munich!

19 Dec 2018

Why we are looking forward to 2019...

12 Dec 2018
VR has disappeared from the Gartner hype cycle 2018

Do the VR startups have to close now? A comment

22 Nov 2018
From SketchUp to STAGE in five minutes

Bring your SketchUp models to life with STAGE - explained step by step!

08 Nov 2018
New technology meets established processes

Together with InMediasP we explain how to integrate VR into PLM.

30 Oct 2018
Where executives prepare for digital leadership culture

vr-on is proud partner of the Digital Leadership Lab