The 5 Most Interesting Technologies at XR Expo 2019

XR Expo 2019


The XR Expo 2019, organized by Virtual Dimension Center Fellbach (VDC) and LIGHTSHAPE GmbH & Co. KG, took place in Stuttgart from 3rd to 4th July. Vr-on had the opportunity to become one of the 59 exhibitors who showcased the current status and development directions of VR and AR. Along with having a great experience at our booth, we were able to explore various new technologies ready to dominate the industry in the near future. As a summarized version of our observations, we would like to inform you about the  five most interesting technologies:


Hardware: Virtual Reality Gloves (by Manus VR)

Manus VR is the world’s leading company in developing data gloves, which help easily integrate manual navigation into the VR program. In joint development with people having limited exposure to VR, the company comes up with new and distinctive VR scenarios.

What makes it one of the most exciting technologies at the XR Expo 2019 is its highly accurate haptic feedback. We were thrilled at how, instead of confusing users with various buttons and controls, the glove allows an ​​intuitive navigational experience and makes users feel like characters of the story

Through its complete solution for VR seekers, Manus VR has already targeted huge organizations like Toyota and Skoda. We are certain that with their premium standard VR gloves, the company has embarked on the journey to revolutionize VR simulation and its applications in other industries too, e.g.  training and research.


Content: VR/XR Multi User Business Solutions (by Solid White)

SOLID WHITE Design and Digital Media, is specializing in VR/XR and interactive 3D applications. 

Already winner of various awards, including the "German Design Award Gold", and the "Annual Multimedia Award Gold’’, this digital agency captured our attention due to VISPA 2019. We were fortunate to witness a demonstration at the Expo, where features of this latest framework were showcased by using specific customer projects to create a virtual environment. This customization of cases provides effective usability and a great brand experience. Consequently, this  VR application ensured its place in our top 5 list for the user experience it provides.


Engineering: Embodied Engineering (by SaltandPepper)

We enjoyed the detailed talk by SaltandPepper, about the way organizations can achieve higher first-time quality by incorporating VR in their production planning. The company uses VR to make abstract things tangible in industrial processes. This is referred to as "embodied engineering", whereby complicated work processes can be demonstrated effectively, without time and place restrictions, and sensor-based motion recognition allows the user to realistically interact with the 3-D environment and objects. However, what makes this technology even more interesting is how the company molds it according to users’ abilities. This leads to the best possible support, improved planning processes, continuous iteration despite lesser prototypes, and common understanding regardless of communication barriers.


PLM Integration: Voice control of annotations in VR (by Piterion)

The fact that vr-on partnered with Piterion for the XR Expo already indicates that we found the technology being featured by this company amazing. As an international PLM service provider, Piterion offers certified, individually tailored solutions and consulting services, independent of system manufacturers. The company introduced VR Inspection in 2018, a VR application used by companies during the design and development phase. What made it distinctive and exceptionally fascinating for us is the voice control of annotation functions in this VR application, i.e. along with displaying all the current CAD data at the simple touch of a button, VR Inspection also allows feedback via numerous English voice commands. Thus, users can instruct for alterations in real time during inspection and these directives are directly communicated to the responsible designers.


Consulting: Best Practice of VR Collaboration (by Imsys GmbH and Co. KG)

Imsys GmbH and Co. KG creates expanded office outlooks and interactive learning simulations by connecting people in XR worlds. This earned it our title of the best practice of VR collaboration. It gives users unimaginable freedom to go beyond actual limited space and observe virtual reality from totally different angles. We experienced the Interaction Media Pool ourselves at the Expo, and were amazed by the fluid workflow between different media. This technology is definitely a must-have to improve the quality of communication among your team!


In conclusion, the XR Expo 2019 proved to be a dream event for all technology enthusiasts. We hope that our summary helped you get some idea of the latest developments in the field of VR, AR and XR. For more regular dosage of VR and related technology, stay tuned to our blog :)