Unreal Autumn Meetup

Unreal Autumn Meetup 2019

vr-on GmbH has been proudly organizing the Unreal Meetup since last year and has productively held five events as of present. 19th September marked yet another successful meetup. With a substantial audience of more than 45 Unreal enthusiasts, the event turned out to be a great learning experience for all participants and consequently, a huge success overall. Held at the EQS Group in the heart of Munich, amidst pretzels, beer and other drinks of all sorts, the event effectively introduced the feeling of Oktoberfest while our attendees exchanged ideas and technical know-how.

Unreal Autumn Meetup 2019


The official agenda included two individual presentations followed by a panel discussion. The way each subsequent topic was connected to its prequel kept the listeners engrossed throughout the three hours.

Lukas Rustemeyer Brick RigsLukas Rustemeyer was our first guest speaker. Lukas, being a self-employed game developer, has had experience with Unreal for around five years. He developed Brick Rigs with the same engine and is therefore, an expert on Unreal Engine Gaming. His talk revolved around Optimizing Code and Art for the Unreal Engine. In great detail, Lukas discussed Meshes, Materials and Textures while designing games using UE4. Each concept was explained with respect to optimization while development. He concluded with an interesting experiment that stimulated the audience to reflect on the discussion. The young developer definitely knows his way around Unreal and how to impart knowledge on related themes.


Networking Basics for Unreal EngineThe second talk was presented by Stephan Menzel, our Head of Development from vr-on GmbH. Holding many years of experience and expertise in using Unreal Engine for business applications, Stephan explained Networking Basics for UE4. Molding his approach to keep both beginners and professionals involved, Stephan’s in-depth talk ranged from the use cases of Unreal, to networking layouts, functionalities and challenges. He also presented a comprehensive version of vr-on’s approach towards the sub topics presented earlier. This initiated an engaging discussion as quite some people were interested in how our tool, STAGE functions around Unreal, and our developers’ experience with the engine.


From coding to networking, our event then took a turn towards Cloud Integration with Unreal Engine. A panel discussion helped the audience gain insight on the topic from different perspectives. Cloud Integration with Unreal EngineStefan, from our development team moderated the discussion and ensured that his intriguing questions not only kept the discussion flowing, but also captured ideas from all participants. Along with our first two speakers, we were joined by Andraes Christoph and Pasi Katajainen, as the Senior Project Manager and the CTO from Nordcloud respectively. Being experts on cloud consulting, they enlightened the audience with the benefits and risks of cloud solutions for gaming and business applications alike.

Unreal Autumn Meetup 2019We touched diverse topics, including ‘Cloud’ as a buzzword, and VR and AR Cloud. The latter has recently gained popularity after its mention in this year’s Gartner Hype Cycle (Read our blog article for details.) Other themes covered AWS, Google Cloud and Microsoft Azure along with each participant’s personal suggestions with respect to using cloud and unreal together. The discussion ended with an interactive question and answer session where the audience clarified their misconceptions and delved further into topics of their interest. The discussions continued informally with celebrations for the great success this Autumn Meetup turned out to be.


We hope that our article summarized the event effectively for those of you who missed it. In case you are interested in joining one of our future meetups, you can stay updated via this link. You may also use it to contribute your ideas for individual presentations or panel discussions. We look forward to meeting you at our Winter event! :)