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25 Oct 2020
vr-on becomes a Unity Verified Solutions Partner

22 Apr 2020
VR is Your Tool for Market Research!

Realistic testing with huge cost and time savings!

08 Apr 2020
Unity Garage: A Multi-User Project

Make your automotive projects a success with VR!

25 Mar 2020
Extended Reality is Where We Are Heading!

The Future Is a Balanced Mix Between AI and VR

18 Mar 2020
VR is the Solution in a Corona-Threatened World!

Stay connected while social distancing!

11 Mar 2020
Unreal Winter Meetup

An exclusive summary of our latest Unreal event

19 Feb 2020
5 Reasons Why VR will Change the Future of Tourism

VR is rebranding traditional tourism!

12 Feb 2020
Game Engines are Game Changers for Medium-sized Enterprises!

Your tool to succeeding in today's Industry 4.0!

05 Feb 2020
Insights on XR hardware from the Field's Experts: Schenker Technologies

Exclusive interview with Tom Neubert: Product Manager XR at Schenker Technologies.

29 Jan 2020
The Dynamic VR Ecosystem and its Growth

The impact of VR on world economics

22 Jan 2020
XR Bavaria Meetup: VR/AR Hardware Hands-on!

The first XR Bavaria Meetup of the year!

15 Jan 2020
A More Immersive Experience!